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My boyfriend of six years has been diagnosed with having Severe Aplastic Anemia on 8/12/98. We suspect it was caused by exposure to Acephate, a highly toxic insecticide (the doctors however will not confirm this). He is at the City of Hope in Duarte, California. Please if you know someone who has this deadly disease contact me by writing me at maybe we can share some useful information about  this deadly illness and maybe prevent other people who might unknowingly be exposing themselves to a highly carcinogenic agent.
     We never thought something like this would ever happen  to him he was always healthy, exercised watched what he ate stayed away from foods high in saturated fat, had  a satisfying  career as a Unix programmer and could always make me laugh in the worst and the best of times. As a friend he was always there for me when I needed him.
    About a month ago I started to notice red spots all over his body. He chronically complained about having headaches being tired and having no energy, other than that you would never guess he was ill (Finally he decided reluctantly, to go to see a doctor) after I told him to either go to a doctor or shut up. I later regretted having said that. I always thought he was kind of hypochondriac. It was the strangest thing he also complained of hemorrhoids (for the first time in his life). We went to the
E.R. at Saddleback Memorial Hospital. He was told he would have to stay over night for some tests to be done and for some unknown reason his bone marrow had stopped producing any type of cells. That evening I went home scouring the internet using search engines looking for answers no one seems to know. Doctors are currently searching for a possible Bone Marrow Transplant, although no matches have been found for his HLA, (Human Leukocyte Antigen). His HLA requirements are A23, A32, B14, B18 and DR1, DR13. If your would like some more information on how you can register to become a donor you can contact the City of Hope (626)359-8111.